“Food Is Fuel, It Doesn’t Need To Taste Good”


Seriously, this is a trending movement in the internet diet world.

While looking for Paleo recipes (Wild Diet friendly mostly), I came across an alarming (and annoying) number of links to the “fuel, not fun” diet mantra.

I read a couple of the posts, because I was curious, and one woman had me laughing to tears.

She did really well for a month, no salt, no pepper, no oils, just straight food as close to natural as you can get it (Ok parts of it sound legit), cooking only to the point that it’s not difficult to choke down or digest. Then, she said “I was licking the computer screen every time there was a picture of food!” Needless to say, she gave it a 3 stars rating but couldn’t continue, and wished everyone well as she headed down to the local Taco Bell.

I give her kudos for lasting a month!

Several years ago I had a really bad sinus infection and I could not taste anything. For a week, everything was like eating various textures of packing peanuts. I can’t imagine choosing to follow a plan like that lol.

I know there are probably people that can handle that kind of monotone food flavors, I’m not one of them lol.

Don’t get me wrong, I do think it’s easy to cover up the amazing flavors that Mother Nature gives up with too many chemicals, sugar and other additives, I just can’t “diet” if it feels like punishment!

Wild Diet Day 4:

Breakfast was coffee with 2tablespoons heavy cream; Lunch was roasted chicken wing drumettes (4 smallish ones) seasoned simply with salt, pepper and chili powder, and a big leafy green salad with EVOO and Balsamic; Supper was a bacon cheeseburger patty (home made) and a big salad like at Lunch; Snack was 2 hard boiled eggs and about an ounce of blue cheddar cheese.

We’re not supposed to count calories, but that was a little over 1300 and it was a LOT of food.

I may venture into “green smoothie” territory next week since The Wild Diet fat loss protocol suggests a “fatty coffee” for breakfast and a big green smoothie for lunch then a “feast” for dinner.





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