Week 2 of The Wild Diet

I feel great!

Over valentines day I re-gained 2 pounds that I’d lost, but this week I lost that and another 2 making my loss for 2 weeks WITH the V-Day off plan meal: 8 pounds!

I do have a lot to lose, but my loss is normally about 1-2lbs a week at best, so losing an average of 4lbs per week is awesomeness.

This weeks meal plan:


  1. Breakfast: Coffee with cream
  2. Lunch: green smoothie and a hard boiled egg
  3. Supper: 6oz ribeye, grilled; steamed asparagus with a little butter; big green salad with olive oil and balsamic (this is my go-to salad)


  1. Coffee with cream
  2. sardines (tinned, wild caught, organic, all that stuff) sauteed in evoo with garlic, capers and grape tomatoes; “go-to” salad
  3. creamed eggs (chopped hard boiled eggs warmed in butter, then add a little cream, salt and pepper), over an almond flour biscuit (1T each almond and coconut flour, beaten egg, pinch of salt and enough water to make it like a really thick pancake batter, then microwave for 1 minute); and bacon


  1. Coffee with cream
  2. go-to salad with added avocado and egg
  3. roasted chicken thighs with chili powder, cumin and cayenne; sauteed onions and peppers; go-to salad


  1. Coffee with cream
  2. zucchini noodles with organic marinara and parmesan cheese; romaine with a home made caesar type dressing
  3. bacon burger patty wrapped in lettuce with pickles, onions and mustard; side of roasted okra


  1. coffee with cream
  2. green smoothie
  3. coconut curry chicken over cauliflower rice


  1. coffee with cream
  2. probably lunch out with the hubbs so will strive for as clean as possible
  3. green smoothie and activated charcoal to off-set lunch


  1. coffee with cream
  2. beef stew (beef, turnips, carrots, onions, tomato sauce, beef broth, spices) and an almond flour biscuit (recipe @ Tuesday)
  3. green salad with tuna and avocado, evoo and balsamic

That’s it folks!

Wish me luck in week 3 🙂





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