When You’re Having Trouble With The Fork In The Road


Yes, that one.

Sometimes the biggest conundrum you have on any plan is “what do I eat when I’m not at home?”.

The first order of business is to plan your order ahead of time, if at all possible. Look up restaurants and their menus while you have time to give it a thorough once over.

When you don’t have the time or opportunity (let’s face it, with a smart phone you DO, but we’ll work with the “what if”) , stick to basics like grilled steak or chicken or fish, steamed or grilled vegetables and skip the other sides. Try to avoid sauces and ask for your broccoli “loaded” (sour cream, butter and cheese. Bacon if they use real bacon.) If it’s on your plan, a baked sweet potato with butter can be an awesome choice.

When in doubt: go for fast food. Yes. Hit the Golden Arches, the King, JIB or whatever. They have 100% beef patties and garden salads. Not the most romantic or exciting meal, but you know exactly what you’re getting.

If you’re completely stuck, keep a packet of tuna and a few packets of mayonnaise in your purse or case. Don’t forget the plastic fork 🙂

Good luck and happy eating!



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