Our Inner Dialogue Can Hinder Success

You know that little voice in your head that tells you “Wow! You’re doing great!”.

It lifts you up and makes you take that next step forward.

That same inner voice can really mess with you, too.

“Well, I ate 1 Hershey kiss, might as well blow it for the rest of the day and have a double burger, fries, malt, and hey cake!”.

It happens to everyone. Sometimes. Too often?

Then our one step forward turns into a mile backward.

It’s a  process, but it CAN happen overnight, if we decide to do it. Turn that negative voice into a positive – or at least neutral -one.

The next time you get off course, turn it around, don’t let it become a negative thought avalanche.

“I had a Hershey kiss and it was great!”

It may seem like such a little thing, but we have to change our thinking from negative to positive to succeed in anything.

If you have children, did you ever think “Man, he’s never going to be potty trained. I might as well give up and let him wear diapers until he’s 20.” Ok maybe you THOUGHT it, but you didn’t act on that though lol.

That type of dedication to succeeding can be applied to our eating habits as well.

Good luck and have a wonderful, successful day!


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