Instant Pot Chicken and Broth Easy 2-in-1; Whole30 Broth and Chicken

I use my Instant Pot a lot. I love it!

To easily make cooked chicken, then bone broth:

Place as many bone-in chicken parts as you can in the IP to about 2″ below the “do not pass!” line, and fill with water to the “fill” line, add 1tsp sea salt.

Cook on “manual” for 15 minutes. Quick release (put something over the spout, it will sputter) then remove the lid and take all the chicken out.

Once it’s cool enough to work with, remove the meat from the bones and toss the bones, skin, and cartilage back into the IP along with 1 each roughly chopped carrot, onion and celery rib, 2tsp apple cider vinegar,1 bay leaf, 6 peppercorns (or just some pepper), and enough water to bring it back to the fill line.*

Cook on “manual” again for 1 hour then turn it off and let it cool for 20 minutes or until it naturally releases.

Cool and freeze in 1-2 cup servings.

Now you have a bunch of lovely broth and perfectly cooked chicken for chicken salad or whatever!

Adding whole chicken parts instead of just bone gives the broth a more chicken-y flavor that I personally love.

*Noting: I make plain broth most of the time: just the chicken bones, etc, salt and vinegar. Adding the onions and other veggies makes a nice drinking broth though.


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