Whole30 Day 1

Easy enough!

I do my grocery shopping on Monday, and I have my day planned so off to a good start!

Breakfast: I am not a breakfast eater generally. I have coffee and that’s usually all until Lunch time. I hard boiled a dozen eggs and they’re ready to go if I need a quick snack or want to use them in egg salad, tuna or chicken salad.

Lunch today will be chicken thighs, red bell peppers and onion stir fry with garlic, ginger and coconut aminos. (this will be my lunch pretty much all this week, unless son eats it all, then it will be egg or tuna salad lol).

Dinner will be paleo meatloaf (ground beef, onions, spices, eggs if needed, topped w/tomato puree and baked), sauteed yellow squash and sliced tomatoes and cucumbers in EVOO and balsamic vinegar.

Snacks if needed: I have olives, nuts and hard boiled eggs on hand, along with carrots, celery, almond butter, well lots of acceptable snacks.

Simple right?

Don’t overthink!

I won’t update this daily, I may do a weekly one. I haven’t decided yet. I know there are thousands  of whole30/paleo blogs out there lol.


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