Product Review: Safe Catch Tuna

I love tuna. Most canned fish really. Anchovies, tuna, salmon, mackrel, sardines, pretty much any canned fish.

The reason I wanted to post my thoughts on this particular product/brand is because I was surprised by it.


Ok so. This brand claims to be the lowest in mercury content, which caught my  attention.

Then, as luck would have it, my local HEB grocery store also carries it, so I picked up three cans of the “elite” option.

Out of the can: “Is this cat food?”; “ugh”; “smells weird”; “why is it  a solid brick?” – all this from a tuna lover.

But I’d already bought it, so I might as well try it.

I broke it apart with my hands to get a uniform “flake”, mixed it with my home-made mayo, salt and pepper. Tasted and felt dry. Added more mayo. Meh.

So I stuck it in the fridge overnight and some kind of miraculous change came over it. It was moist, tasty and absolutely wonderful!

So my thoughts: Don’t think it’s going to be a “whip up and eat” kind of tuna. Make it a day ahead of time (or maybe a few hours at least).

The texture is dry compared to other brands. I think this would make a good tuna muffin or tuna cake.


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