Snacking on Whole30 or Any Plan

The urge to snack on “not allowed” things can get overwhelming at times.

No matter how much we know it’s not a good idea, our brains can be our worst enemy lol.

For me it’s fruit.

I know fruit is allowed, but I can easily overeat it.

To help combat that, I’ve found 3 herbal teas that really take that sweet tooth edge off:

Choice Organic Teas: Organic Mango Ceylon with Luscious Vanilla


Tazo Wild Sweet Orange tea.

Tazo Passion tea is a hibiscus based tea that is wonderful iced.

They all have “clean” ingredients and a nice, fruity taste that doesn’t need sweetener.

Additionally, they’re both excellent hot or iced, making them a good all around beverage (no caffeine, no chemicals).

On the fruit side, I buy organic apples that are small and limit myself to one, if I really want fruit.

An easy way to up that fruity goodness is to dice a small apple, add a teaspoon of ghee and a hearty sprinkle of cinnamon and microwave for 30 seconds until soft. Kind of a chunky applesauce 🙂

Nuts are also easy to overeat, so I make packets and keep them in the freezer.

My “nut nibblers” are: 4 almonds, 3 pecan halves, 3 macadamia nuts and 2 brazil nuts.

It’s not a lot, but the fiber and good fats really do the trick 🙂


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