Week 4, A Few Days From the Finish Line!

I started on Jan 30th, but I think I’ll keep Whole 30 through this whole week as well.

I’ve learned a few things.

First: the coconut milk and almond milk creamer is tasty and I use a lot less than I did of heavy cream or half and half, so it’s a $$ saver as well.
Second: I seem to be allergic to raw zucchini and yellow squash! Weird, right? I eat it cooked all the time with no problem, but I made raw salads with zucchini and had awful, stabbing stomach pains both times. I wasn’t thinking so I ate just a few slices of yellow squash as I was cutting it up to saute and had the same reaction.

Third: I don’t have to get up and go to the bathroom at night. My unscientific, no facts theory is that some of the chemicals in, well something, were irritating my bladder and causing it.

Fourth: dried lemon slices are awesome in water! I bought a big bag of them – just dried lemon slices, nothing else added – and pop 3-4 in my water bottle in the fridge overnight and it’s nicely flavored lemon water the next day. I use these off Amazon from Sincerely Nuts. Nothing but lemon slices.

And Fifth: unadulterated foods taste really good! Simple meals, not a lot of sauces or gravies*, no fancy shmancy, expensive spice blends, just real foods.

*because pureeing onions, carrots, celery, garlic -whatever veggies you add to your proteins – pureed in the pan drippings make an awesome gravy!


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