Whole 30 Completed: What I Did Right, and What I Did Wrong

Well that was an experience!

I’d say that was my 3rd Whole30 but the 2nd one crashed and burned after 22 days, so let’s call it the 2nd one.

What I did right:

  • I ate whole foods
  • I drank plenty of water
  • I followed the Whole30 guidelines
  • I paid attention to how I felt
  • I added turmeric lattes (I left out the extract and used 2 turmeric capsules(opened and dumped the powder in) because they’re more concentrated)
  • I got outdoors and got more fresh air and sunshine

What I did wrong:

  • I ate too much fruit, sometimes 3 apples a day (small apples, but still)
  • I ate too much protein. Some days I didn’t want to cook so I ate proteins I’d cooked in advanced, and nothing else the whole day BUT protein.
  • I ate too many potatoes. Yeah only 1-3 a week but, for me, that was as lot of potatoes. How do I know? Gas. That’s how. Lots of it. The hubbs was way, way too amused by this /annoyed.
  • I probably had too much coconut milk in my coffee. I wasn’t really tracking, but I did log it into my fitness pal one day and had over 300 calories from coffee with coconut milk.
  • I drank too much coffee and not enough herbal teas.

Overall, I think I did learn more about what works for me.

Occasional potatoes; coffee “creamer” blending the almond and coconut milks to lower the calories a bit; eat my veggies, not just proteins; experiment with more veggies that I don’t normally use, like different squashes; that I can’t eat unlimited veggies and lose weight, it’s just too many carbs (I think); that I can live without sweeteners!

That’s a short list, I’m sure there’s more lol.



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