A Slightly Peevish Rant: Don’t Take Medical Advice From The Internet!

On the various sites I visit, there’s been an alarming trend for “therapeutic doses”.

Not necessarily for prescription meds, but for supplements.

Poster A: “I’m cold a lot”

Poster B: “Oh you need to take a “therapeutic dose” of Iron. Start with 10,000mg an hour, every hour, for 2 days.”

Poster A: “That seems like a lot”

Me: “It is. If you take that much iron you’ll probably die. More than 50mg can cause a medical crisis.”

Poster B: “Oh, it’s fine, it’s JUST A SUPPLEMENT” She (me) is just being overly cautious” I’m suggesting a therapeutic level dose”.

Me: “A “therapeutic dose” of iron is determined by your doctor, based on your medical history, weight, how deficient you are, etc.”

Ok that may be exaggerating (a little) but you get the point.

People who have no idea what they’re talking about (and don’t know anything about you, your medical problems, medications, etc)are giving advice like this daily. And people follow the advice!

Ok sure, some supplements like Vitamin C might not kill you, but it will probably give you diarrhea bad enough you wished you were dead.

Others recommend taking prescription (ordered online, not prescribed) thyroid medications, adding that they’re “not dangerous”.

This sets me on edge because some people are gullible. They won’t do the research for themselves, and because they got the advice off a well known site by a well known (on that site) poster, they assume it’s great advice!

Please, please be careful giving or taking advice for “therapeutic doses”.


Tea Glorious Tea

I tend to drink a lot of coffee. Sometimes as much as 6-7 cups a day.  And by cups I mean 12oz mugs lol.

I got rid of my pod style coffee maker for a ninja coffee bar, which I like a lot. No more waste, no pods, etc.

But I have always liked tea, and tea has a lot of health benefits BUT it’s not coffee. Doesn’t have that kick in the butt way to start the day.

So I bought several kinds of tea to try and here are a few I liked a lot:

Choice Organic Russian Caravan Ok, this was the most coffee like in taste and kick.  It’s a black tea blend and it has that smokey, strong flavor that gets the job done.

Stash Licorice Spice if you don’t like licorice, skip this one. I happen to love it so this was a real treat. Strong licorice flavor. No caffeine.

Stash Maple Apple Cider aka: sex in a mug. Seriously. It doesn’t need sweetener and cream, but that takes it to a new level of “who needs dessert?!”

Tazo Passion Tea This has been a favorite of mine for a long time. Iced, squeeze of lemon and you want to sit on a porch swing, fan yourself and say “Why I do declare!”

Yogi Honey Lavender Stress Relief My go-to for night time herbal tea. It’s smooth, calming and tastes great.

That is just a few to try but I do highly recommend trying a variety of teas if you don’t think you’re a “tea person”.

*These are Amazon links, but I am not an affiliate. I don’t get any compensation for sending you there 🙂